Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You Can Call Me 'The Fruit Fly Killer'

Fruit Flies.  I HATE fruit flies.

For some reason, I have had this crazy infestation of fruit flies for the last month.  I have no idea why.  I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  All dirty diapers go outside immediately.  I have swept like a crazy woman.  I have been wiping down the counter and table after every meal.  EVERYTHING!

Still...they continued to annoy me day in and day out.

Yesterday, I had it!  I was going to conquer these things even if I had to run around my house with a spray bottle spraying every last little wing...I was going to win!

So, yesterday, in my crazed fury, I googled it.  Yes, you heard me, I GOOGLED it...DUH!!!

So this is what I learned. 

Get small bowl and add a cup of apple cider vinegar and few drops of dish soap

Now, sit back, and wait for them to...well, you know...drown.

This was after an hour and a half.  AMAZING!

Happy Fruit Fly Killing!


  1. this has been my battle the past two days!!!!! i had seen a friend post about this on facebook once..i need to try this if they aren't gone by tomorrow. i've only seen a couple..the swarm has been swatted away haha. :)

  2. Yesterday, I learned that if you pour some diet coke into the bowl, they come even faster! My dear son thought I should know...or he just wanted to play and had access to the stool!

  3. Definitely saw a few fruit flies lining up whike i was mixing this!!

  4. Wine works too! Discovered this on

  5. I'll have to try wine sometime. Its definitely more likely to be in my house than APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!


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