Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trouble Falling Asleep - Adventure In Odyssey

It is officially 11:35pm and I am still awake.  It's one of those nights that I actually got in bed early but can't turn my brain off.  So many things are going on right now ranging from ridiculous excitement to overwhelming anxiety that I can hardly keep it all together.  In a few weeks I'll be able to come clean about things going on in life but for now, I suppose I will just have to lay here in silence, tossing and turning until I eventually fall asleep.

I remember feeling like this as a child.  I was usually in bed at a decent hour but, more often than not, would stay awake for hours just thinking.  I'd drive myself crazy! 

One day, my mom stumbled upon 'Adventure in Odessey' tapes.

It is part of Focus On the Family and each episode tells a story that teaches a biblical lesson.  They are awesome!  For Christmas that year, my parents gave me my very first 'stereo' (complete with a remote control).  I loved it so much because it allowed me to listen to those tapes every night when I got in bed.  If for some reason, I wasn't asleep by the end of the first episode, I could, with my nifty remote control, play the other side of the tape as well.  It was great!

At the time, I thought that listening to Adventures in Odyssey was just a way to fall asleep.  I had no clue that it was calming my nerves and distracting my pre-occupied brain at the same time.  (I have always struggled with bouts of be discussed on a later date). 

Anyways, as embarrassing as it is, I listened to AIO every night through high school and a lot of college.  It was my wind-down time. 

Now, as a mother, I was SO excited to pull out my tapes and Cd's and share them with my own kiddos.  We listen to a few of the (age appropriate) episodes in the car and THEY LOVE IT!  Little P busts out laughing every time Jimmy sprays his dad with the hose...its hilarious. Without knowing it, they are learning different virtues and bible stories, and I have found that I find the same peace in that I did when I was little...there really is something about these stories.

Anyways, the fact of the matter is that I highly recommend Adventures in Odyssey.  They are an awesome resource from parents.  Whether you listen as a family or play them at night, I can promise that they will serve as a contribution to your kids lives.

And man, I sure wish I had a tape or two tonight.  Waking up in the morning is going to be ROUGH.

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