Monday, October 10, 2011

Mama Sale Alert: Signing Time

I am the BIGGEST 'Signing Time' fan!  We were introduced to signing time when my son was 16 months.  He was not talking at all and we needed to find a way for him to communicate.  It was AMAZING!  Within one week, he had over 50 signs! 

I had never really entertained the idea of teaching my kids sign language, but once it was a necessity and therefore carried over to my other children, I have been forever changed!

Besides the 'love it' factor that it was the ONLY show I could get my kids to watch when they were little, it also made life so much easier.  By 9 months, both of my girls have been able to communicate their basic needs and desires.

Most people are concerned that by teaching their children sign language, it will delay their speech.  This is not the case.  Both of my girls have been right in line, or early, for talking.  If anything, it has added to their vocabulary and ability to communicate what they are trying to say.  Additionally, I found it easier to help my son LEARN to talk because he could sign what he was trying to say and I could help him SAY it.  Took the tandrum right out of the equation and added confidence.

Today, 10/10/2011, is offering 25% off of anything in celebration of Rachel Coleman's birthday (she's one of the co-founders and the woman on the DVDs).  I HIGHLY recommend all four Baby Signing Time DVDs to start signing with your little one.

I also highly recommend reading her blog as her life is an inspiration for mothers everywhere.  With two children with disabilities, she and her husband are DETERMINED to not let their disabilities define them.  So incredible.  Go back a bit and read forward.

Happy Signing!

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