Sunday, October 23, 2011

Buying Boy Gifts Can Be So Difficult!

This weekend, I was in Atlanta celebrating my Dad's 60th Birthday!  It was a fantastic weekend full of family, friends, and surprises!  It's always nice to take a break from the routine and refresh our hearts and minds.

Leading up to the weekend, I was trying to figure out what to get for my dad.  He isn't a man who needs a whole heck of a lot.  It got me thinking that every year, I always struggle with buying gifts for my brothers and dad.  Men aren't like women, unless they have a hobby or specific requests, you can't just buy them clothes or jewelry. 

Over the years, I have developed my list of 'Go-To' Boy gifts.  Unfortunately, my list has run a little dry this year as all of my brothers and brother-in-law's have already received everything on this list so I need some more suggestions!  Even though I am lacking new and creative gifts, I wanted to share this list with you!

1. Space Pen
Closed Pen-fits in the palm of your hand
This pen is one of my husbands LOVES.  He has carried these pens for years.  When they are closed, they fit in the palm of your hand.  They are tiny.  When you open it, it is the size of a normal pen.  These pens are awesome because they can write upside down, in water, and in space (since I know that we are all going to Space).  Anyways, coming in the low $20.00 range, this is a HIGHLY recommended boy gift. 

2. Atomic Clock
This is another favorite in our house.  We have both really enjoyed having an atomic clock.  It is operated by a satellite and gives you both the indoor and outdoor temperatures.  It's fantastic!  We have had ours for several years and we continue to use and love it!

3. 3 Day Weather Station

This gift cracks me up because my husband thinks it is the best!  It comes in very handy when you don't want to wait for the weather channel to roll around to your information or when you don't have immediate access to the computer.  I think its a boy thing because he went banana's over this gift!

4. Change Cup

As a child, I remember watching my dad come home from work everyday, pulling endless amounts of change out of his pockets, and putting in the kitchen counter.  Somehow, men always end up with change in their pockets!  This was one of those, "I hope this is good" gifts that I bought a few years back.  My husband uses it religiously.  He usually leaves it in one of the cup holders in his car.  What is nice about it is that it counts your money for you.  It's nice to see that your penny's and dimes are actually amounting to something.  At $10, you can't go wrong.

5. Anything Under Armour

This is always a very reliable gift for guys.  They make EVERYTHING and there is something about wearing Under Armour that makes a guy feel tough.  My husband LOVES their shirts and the quality is fantastic!  Thankfully, UA is no longer a 'new' brand so its easy to find their merchandise for pretty cheap.  Always a good boy gift!

Well, that's my short list.  I am doing a little research and will do another list as we get closer to Christmas.  I hope one of these ideas has sparked an idea in your brain and made gift giving a little easier! 

I have tons of pictures from this weekend that I will be putting up sometime this week!  It really has been a fantastic weekend and it's been nice to remember that even though I'm a wife and mother, I'll always be 'Daddy's little girl'.  

Happy 60th, Dad!


  1. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Love this post Jeanne- I plan to use a couple of your ideas! Now we need a "boy gifts while deployed" edition ;) Ha!


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