Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mama Recommendation: Toddler Sleep Clock

A few months ago, we were having some serious problems with our two toddlers (2 and 3) waking up at the crack of dawn, really, BEFORE dawn.  We searched high and low for suggestions on what to do and finally came upon the

KIDS"Sleep Classic Toddler Sleep Training Clock
At first, I was very impatient so I thought it didn't work.  But I was wrong!  If you give it a little time, make the kids excited, and keep reminding them of what to do, it will work!

All you have to do is set the time that you want your toddler to get out of bed, tell them to wait until the bunny is awake, and WA-LA!  Like I said, be patient, it may take a week or two for them to fully grasp the full concept but now it is such an exciting thing for them to walk out of their room screaming, "Good Morning Mommy!  The bunny is awake!" 

The other nice feature of this clock is that you can also set it for naptime.

This is just another resource that has helped to make my life easier and helped me to be more rested and prepared for my day! 

Do you have any sleep tricks for your kids?


  1. I have been very lucky with both of my kids and sleep. They co-slept and breastfed so they were easy to fall asleep when they were babies and now that they are older (5 and 2) they go to bed by themselves no problem. We do take an evening walk so they are tired and ready to go to bed after their evening shower. Great blog! New follower from MBC, have a great day! You can find me at
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