Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mama Lifesaver: Grocery Shopping with Sick Babies

I have just discovered one of the GREATEST Mama LifeSavers!

With three very sick kids and a husband who is out of town, I found myself in a bind yesterday as I used up the last of my milk, eggs, and oatmeal cereal for mini-C.  AHHH!  All day I debated whether to take them out to get what I needed.

And then, I discovered it...

One of my friends had mentioned this to me before but I had never really looked into it.  Whether it was God or luck, I happened to stumble upon a coupon I had saved for $10 off and a waived service fee!

Now, I don't normally shop at Harris Teeter because I find it quite expensive.  But, I do know that they have FANTASTIC sales and their meat is always great!  So, I decided to log onto their site and check it out.

Holy Macaroni, I have just added a major resource to my 'mama lifesaver' file.  Not only did I get all of the basics that I needed for a reasonable price, but I was also able to scan over EVERY SINGLE ITEM ON SALE.  Shopping made simple! 

Needless to say, I punched in my coupon code, chose my pick up time, and was absolutely delighted by the simplicity of this system.  Problem solved.  Kids stay in the car, nobody else gets sick, and we can eat again! 

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