Thursday, October 13, 2011

Activity Idea: The Big Thank You

If you are looking for an activity to do with your children, I've got it!

The Atlanta Radio Show, Q100's Bert Show, is trying to collect 400,000+ letters to send the troops for Thanksgiving. 

As the wife of a veteran, I can tell you that letters from home go a long way.  We all know or know of somebody who has served our country.  They have sacrificed on our behalf and now its time to say thank you!

I love having opportunities, outside of our normal routine, to teach my children about serving others.  It is such an important lesson especially when everything inside of them is screaming 'me, me ,me'!  This is a super tangible way that I can show them how easy it is to serve somebody else, similarly to how the troops are serving for us.  Outside of the activity, we spend time talking about the mommy's and daddy's (everybody over the age of 15 is considered a mommy or daddy in my kids eyes) who are away from their families keeping us VERY safe.  It helps me to give them another example of generosity.
So, PLEASE join my children and I and write, color, and paint letters for these hero's.  When we are sitting at home enjoying our turkey dinners, they will be out standing tall protecting the country that we are celebrating. 
Please click here to read the information.  Thank you again for supporting our troops!

Little P waiting for my husband to arrive last summer.

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