Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yeah, Huh, and What

There are three words that have been made illegal in our house.
They are:
Yeah, Huh, and What
If you would like to see my skin quiver, ask one of my kids to answer me with one of these words.  When I was growing up, if I would have ever answered my parents like that, I was quickly corrected!  Nothing crazy, but it never slid by them. 

Now, as a mother, I understand why.  In my opinion, it is disrespectful for a child to answer an adult with words that would be used between friends...I am not their friend.  There is a respect that is gained with age, this is one of those respects.  Real words.  And I will demand these respects for myself and all other adults my kids come in contact with. 

The day that my son came home from school saying 'yeah' I hopped on him like white-on-rice.  I told him that I was his mommy.  I, and any adult he talks to, should NEVER hear that word.  Instead, he should say, 'yes'.  It is not that difficult.  I am not asking him to saying anything too crazy, just a real word. 

Huh = Excuse me
What = yes, excuse me, whatever is appropriate

These are those little skills that we can give our children that will help them become successful.  I want my kids to be suited with as many skills as I can give them so that they can be whatever they are called to be.  But my goodness, could you imagine if one of them answered 'yeah' or 'huh?' in a job interview?  Holy macaroni, it would bring them down three notches before they even GOT to their qualifications.  I would be horrified!

I know this seems silly but it is so important that we teach our kids to approach every situation with the utmost respect.  Respect does not just mean not yelling at someone, its in our word choices, our clothing choices, our body language, and beyond.  Teaching this starts now, when they are learning to speak.

So, if you ever hear my children say 'yeah', 'huh', or 'what', please don't let it slide!  You deserve better...and so do they!


  1. I absolutely agree with you. We do not allow those words in our house and will gently correct any offending party. I remember all the comments I used to get with my oldest when he was 3 years old. People were amazed at how polite he was. He used yes, excuse me and pardon me perfectly. When I was a kid this was expected of us, it wasn't anything special. What is wrong with parents today?!

  2. Haha...times have definitely changed! I'm all about raising my kids the 'old-school' way. Thanks for your comment! I enjoy reading what you have to say!


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