Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Adventures of having 2 Under 2

Just weeks after getting home from a 6 month deployment, my husband suggested that I may be pregnant, given my recent complaints.  What?  You're crazy.  No way!  'Our plan' was to wait for a year or so and then try for a baby.  Yea, well, SURPRISE!!!

BAM!: Due Date April 9, 2008

I have to be honest, that was a tough one to swallow.  Nothing that a little bit of time couldn't handle but still tough. 

Fast forward to April 2008, my sweet little boy was born.

He was great, life was great, all was GOOD.  

One evening in October 2008, my husband I start talking about trying for another come February 2009.  I remember telling him that I wanted to get my last 13 lbs off before having another. 

BAM!: Due Date July 15, 2009

WHAT?  Two under two...even more, two under 18 months!?!?!?  Little P and Little C are 15 months apart.  I said I was excited but was actually freaking out just a little bit inside.  We were living VERY far from home with no family within any reasonable distance and my friendships were...developing.  My husband worked 14 hour days and I was going to be on my own.  During my pregnancy, I recieved so much commentary from complete strangers.  Things like:

"Oh wow!  You'll be a busy mom!"
"Wow, thats insane!"

Great!  Awesome!  Thank you so much for calming my fears.  What I found funny was the mom's who had two under two said things like:

"You are going to LOVE it!"
"I love having mine close together.  They are the best of friends!"

By the time I went into labor, I wasn't nervous anymore, just ready to get this started and get into a new routine.  What I didn't know that my little girl would be born ANGRY!  I'm talking M.A.D.  She didn't have colic, she wasn't sick, she did have an irritating diaper rash but nothing that would have explained the RIDICULOUS amount of screaming that came from that little girl!  Holy Cow, what have I gotten myself into!?!?!
SEE, she even LOOKS mad!

Anyways, after about 11 weeks of pure hell trying to keep a handle on this little girl, I was finally able to sit down and look of the logistics of the first few months.  What was it ACTUALLY like to have two under two?  Because I had been so overwhelmed by Little C's ridiculous attitude, I hadn't even realized that handling two under two was no issue at all.  In fact, I realized that it had made my life a lot simpler because I had to be more organized in order for my days to run smoothly.  Even more, because I had such a crazy daughter to handle, I didn't have time to worry and fixate over stuff that wasn't ACTUALLY important.  When it came to the practical day to day stuff, I just put them on the same routine.  They napped at the same time, went to bed at the same time, and ate at the same time.  It probably took about 8 weeks to get Little C onto his schedule but once it was done, it was great!

Now, 2.5 years later (and one more baby added...that story later) I can't say enough about having two under two.  I. LOVE. IT!  They are the absolute best of friends and they teach each other so much.  Not joking, my son potty trained my daughter!  I couldn't have asked for better spacing.  It is awesome!

So, if you are thinking about it or are pregnant with #2 and are freaking out like I did, don't.  There is nothing to worry about!  You will be amazed at the ability of your toddler to love this new sweet baby and then they could grow into the absolute best of friends...INVALUABLE!

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  1. Hey Mama, dropping in from April '08 on BBC. Adorable kidlets! My April '08 daughter had the same cherries outfit your daughter was wearing. In fact, my August '10 baby was just wearing it the other day. I'm rambling. Anyway, looks like you're off to a good start!


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