Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Mama Pet Peeve...Keeping a Center

In general, I am a pretty laid back mom.  I don't usually freak out about too much. 
'What?  Little C is eating dirt?  Great!  She's educating her taste buds!'
And as crazy as it seems, I ENCOURAGE my kids to go play outside without shoes (in appropriate weather, that is).  I grew up only wearing shoes when I had to and I think there is something to be said for not ALWAYS following the 'rules'.  There's a simplicity about being barefoot that I want my kids to learn.
So, given my general laid back, and what I'd like to think common sense, approach to raising children, it takes me off guard when there is something that REALLY bugs me. 
Any mom who has had a newborn KNOWS that when these babies are still tiny, laying on their back, unswaddled, with arms and legs flying is a startling experience.  The teenie tiny babies hate it! 
So, given that information, why, right after you have delivered the baby, do they take the baby over to that table and just leave them flailing and, usually, screaming while they take vitals, etc?  It KILLS ME!!! 
After I had my son, my mom came into the delivery room as they were putting Little P on that table.  As a new mom, I was just watching as he screamed and flailed.  Very simply, my mom walked over and just placed her hand on his belly, bringing him back to the center that he had kept for the previous 10 months in my belly.  He immediately quieted down and the corpsmen were able to continue doing their job.
I know it seems silly, but to me that seems so simple.  These sweet babies have just been balled up in their mommy's tummy and now they are just thrown out there without any security. 
Before having my youngest, we took the tour of the new hospital.  As we walked past the nursery, I saw it again!  Three babies, laying, SCREAMING, in their bassinets as they flailed for dear life because their swaddle had come undone.  For someone who isn't overly sensitive, I got so upset I cried!  Seriously, could one of the nursery nurses stop their conversation and walk over to at least place their hand on the babies bellies or re-swaddle them?  (See, I told you it was a pet peeve!)

Anyways, now, whenever we have a baby, my amazing husband knows that it is his job to give the baby that center while the nurses are doing their job.  It has since become one of my favorite 'hospital' moments because within seconds, you see the power of a daddy. 

Do you have any, not so obvious, pet peeves?

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