Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mama Resource: SuperNanny

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about one of my favorite parenting tools.

If you have seen her show, you know that the supernanny takes discipline from a very head on perspective.  She does not advocate spanking, screaming, or hostility towards your children, rather she teaches parents how to calmly, yet firmly, follow through.  This site has suggestions on anything from de-cluttering  to aggressive behavior to open communication.  She's got something for everybody!

We have used her techniques for 'house rules', 'naughty step' (we call it a penalty box), and laying out expectations.  All of her suggestions have worked wonders for us.  More than anything, what we have learned is that it all depends on our approach. 

Additionally, we have learned that they, even at 2 and 3, understand cause and effect.  From the day we posted our house rules and explained them and their consequences, things have been different.  They know exactly what happens when they do A, B, or C.  It has helped us to learn how to RESPOND to their behavior with the agreed upon consequence rather than react with whatever emotion is running through our bodies.

I can say for sure that our house is a lot more peaceful and that, as a mother, I feel a lot less overwhelmed.  There is something to be said for boundaries providing security.  In this situation, that security is for all of us.

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