Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Well Fed, Well Rested Baby - Dr. Denmark Mush

Little P with his mush on his 1st birthday.  We
avoid white sugar until 2 so we used his mush
for the candle.  It worked!
So, I have told you about Dr. Denmarks recommendations for newborn sleep and eating, now I tell you about her AMAZING baby food routine.

So, using the Dr. Denmarks feeding and sleeping routine, by 12 weeks your baby should not only be sleeping through the night (10pm-5/6am without crying it out) and nursing/getting a bottle every 3/4 hours (6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, and 10pm).  So, that is where we are when she starts talking about baby food.

So, at around 12 weeks your baby will start to drool...LIKE CRAZY!  I'm talking, changing their clothes a few times a day, drool!  While most doctors will tell you that it is the beginning of teething, Dr. Denmark explains that thats not the case.  Rather, at around 12 weeks, a baby begins making an enzyme that is produced in order to break down carbohydrates.  With that, it is the sign that the baby is ready to begin baby food.

***Disclaimer: Dr. Denmark recommends starting baby food (cereal) at 3 months.  I have always waited until 4 months, more out of convenience than anything.  I just wanted you to know that that waiting a little longer won't hurt anything.***

Okay, so now it is time to begin Dr. Denmark Mush.
(Wait to form any opinons until the end of the post...I promise, it's not crazy)

On the first day, you begin with 1/4 teaspoon of baby oatmeal or rice mixed with breastmilk or formula (I've always done oatmeal because it's less binding) after the 10am, 2pm, and 6pm feedings. 
Keep in mind that it will take a bit for the baby to learn how to eat from a spoon. 

Over the course of the next week or so, not only will your baby get the hang of eating from a spoon but you will also build up to about 2 Tablespoons of cereal a feeding. 

Once you have built up to 2 tablespoons of cereal, you add banana's to the mix.  Starting with 1/4 teaspoon on the first day and slowly building up to a 2 tablespoons. 

You follow the same plan with a veggie, applesauce (I always use normal no sugar added applesauce), and then a protien (baby meat, beans, etc.)  Starting all of these off at 1/4 a teaspoon and gradually building up to 2 Tablespoons. 

So, by the time you have the full mixture, your baby is eating 10 tablespoons of food, 3 times a day.

I wanted to tell you about my personal experience with Dr. Denmark Mush.  I know that it is completely different than what most people have ever heard of but I can tell you that not only will your baby get a perfectly well balanced diet at EVERY meal, but it will also make your life so much easier as a parent.  Between birth and two years, your baby's brain almost TRIPLES in size.  There is something to be said for KNOWING that they are getting everything that they are supposed to be getting.
Using the Dr. Denmark Mush also helps tremendously when it comes to picky eating.  When using individual food, a baby has the ability to wrinkle his nose when something doesn't taste 'right'.  What that baby doesn't know is that it takes many more times than just that one to know if you actually like something.  But, most parents, will take that queue from the baby and not try that food again.  With the mush, you don't have that problem.  Everything is mixed together and there is never a concern for a well balanced diet.  Now, does it cause picky eating when the baby begins eating table food?  No.  When a toddler begins eating more and more table foods, the curiosity of feeding themselves far outweighs what they are putting in their mouth.  Everything is new and exciting. 
All three of my children, and any children who I know who ate the mush as babies, will eat just about anything!

So there you have it.  The Dr. Denmark Mush.  We used to make our babyfood and for a full weeks worth of mush, it costed about $10.  Can't beat that!

I would love to hear your comments, questions, concerns, stories, etc. on this and any other post.    

Make sure you 'follow' me and keep updated on the things to come.  Big changes are in the making!


  1. Although Sophie is only up to 2 tablespoons of cereal a day, tomorrow we add in banana. And she's doing so good with this. Watching the Dr. Denmark DVD and hearing the ladies explain WHY she recommends what she recommends makes so much sense considering the epidemic going on in today's world. Instead of feeding a baby cereal in the morning, applesauce at lunch and some meat and veggies at dinner, the mush allows for a well balanced meal at EVERY meal. This leads to well balanced meals every day, eliminating the need for snacks. No sugar filled puffs (which are also expensive). No need for sugary drinks to fill baby's needs. Mush does that at every meal. What a better way to start off life than a well balanced meal 3 times a day with nothing but water in between. Even at 2 months old, I started Sophie on a 2 oz bottle of water each day. She just had a check up today and she's right where she's supposed to be! Everything Dr. Denmark has suggested has been spot on. I haven't gotten up with Sophie in the middle of the night since she was SIX weeks old. Her ability to crawl, grab at things, see a toy she wants and crawl to it, roll over, focus on 5 months very advanced according to her doc today. I think this is because I followed Dr. Denmark and Sophie is getting adequate sleep and proper nutrition.

  2. While I definitely appreciate all of your knowledge and how much you have helped my buddy Amanda, I just have some issues with Dr. Denmark's way of thinking. Don't get me wrong, it clearly works, but I am too much of a wimp on the follow through aspect. I think I will try her eating advice though. Thank you so much for the great advice. Good job on your blog. I am a fan.

  3. I think Dr. Denmark's way is more about PARENTAL discipline than it is child discipline! What do you mea you are a wimp on follow through? How's baby A sleeping now that you can just lay her down and walk away, even if she's wide a wake:) It's hard for the PARENTS to do the DD program, but wonderful for the babies:) I'm not pressuring you, just saying we've all been there:) And it's NOT easy. We know this. But now that you are on the other end of the napping/sleeping part, isn't it wonderful???

  4. It is important to remember that my objective is NOT to convince other people to do what I did. Rather, I am just sharing what has worked for me and my family. Everybody has a different style and tolerance level.

    I will post about napping soon...stay tuned.

  5. Read this from Laurens blog. Interesting take on baby food. I like your blog :)

  6. Hey Jamie! Thanks for coming over here and I'm glad you like my blog! Dr. D's Mush is definitely different but has been such a lifesaver with 3 under 3. It has made my life so much simpler around meal time!

    I love hearing what people have to say...especially people who are friends with one of my best friends...:-).

  7. can i ask u about portions ??
    Like protin 3 carb 3 veggie 2 fruit 2 ???? thanks


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