Friday, September 23, 2011

The Well Fed, Well Rested Baby - Eating/Milk

So, I've already told you about Dr. Denmarks tips for sleeping.  I also wanted to share her tips for eating because, similar to her sleeping plan, her feeding plan has made our lives SO EASY!

First of all, Dr. Denmark teaches a routine that is based around the 6, 10, 2, 6, 10 schedule.  Meaning, you are AIMING (meaning, your goal) to feed the baby at these times during the day.  Now, when you first have a baby, the baby will probably eat much more frequently than every four hours.  Especially right after birth, the baby is trying to gain back the calories that he/she just burned during delivery. 
The biggest key to remember in the first few weeks is that you are teaching the baby to eat a full meal!  (Full meal = nursing both sides/finishing a bottle)
One of the best quotes that I have heard about parenting comes from the 'On Becoming Babywise' book.  They basically say that you are parent from day one.  The baby doesn't come out knowing how to eat and sleep, it's YOUR job to teach him/her. 

So, once the baby is eating full meals, you are most likely on a 3-4 hr feeding routine.  Obviously there are growth spurts and other things that will throw this off but it should always get back to the every 3-4 hour routine within a few days.

This feeding GOAL has always helped me have something to aim for after having a baby.  Instead of just being a constant milk machine, I know that I do have a goal that I would like to reach.  It definitely helps on those days when you feel completely depleted. 

In another post, I will tell you about Dr. Denmark's take on babyfood.  Trust me, if you have a little one who is on or will be starting baby food soon, you want to read the next one.  It will make your life SO MUCH EASIER with a guaranteed balanced diet for the babe. 

Man oh man, I sure do love my Dr. Denmark! 

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