Thursday, November 10, 2011

I've Lost It, What Do I Do Now? GIVEAWAY

About 6.5 months ago, I made a goal for myself that I would lose all of my baby weight (33 lbs) by my 5th Wedding Anniversary.

After-Size 6/8
Well, my anniversary is two weeks from today and I have made it!

After having three babies in under three years, I found myself in quite the shlump (yes, I made that word up...isn't it awesome?)  I had gradually gained 33 pounds and I felt like it was far too much weight to even try and wouldn't happen.  I wasn't happy with how I looked and even more with how I FELT.

So, one day, after feeling sorry for myself and giving every excuse under the sun, I decided to get over myself, join a gym, and figure this out. If I wanted to be the mom that I wanted to be, I needed to be able to climb stairs without huffing and puffing.

After much thought, I got a personal trainer. That was one of the most painful decisions simply because of the cost, but it was the single BEST decision I made. I really lucked out because my trainer, Adam, took the time to acknowledge the stresses in my life but never let me wallow in my own self pity. One day, while complaining about how hard I was working, he simply looked at me and said,
"If you want to lose it, you have to do more."
Point taken.

Adam and I met twice a month at which time he would give me a new workout for the next two weeks. It was awesome to work with someone who believed in me FAR more than I believed in myself. Some weeks, he would give me work outs for the sole purpose of proving to me how much I could cool is that?

This pictures just screams
Isn't she awesome?
As awesome as it is that I have finally gotten back down to my 'pre-baby' size, my body looks NOTHING like what it used to. That was quite an adjustment. After feeling sorry for myself for a bit, I decided to stand up, be proud of myself, and keep moving. The only problem was that I had no clothes that fit and had spent so many years covering up that I didn't know the current styles.

This is when one of my closest friends, Lauren, from It's Becker Style, jumped in to save me. I had a style board in my e-mail inbox within days. She had scoped out the top 10 things that I needed to buy, explained exactly what I was looking for, and their versatility. She pushed me out of my 'mom-box' and as scary as it was it felt AMAZING. For the first time in years, I felt like more than a mom; I felt like a woman...a proud one at that.  Lauren really helped me to learn how to dress my new curves.  She has this natural understanding of what styles fit what body-types...something that I know NOTHING about.

So, in celebration of my accomplishment, I wanted to share with you this awesome gift!  Lauren has agreed to work with one of my readers to create their own style board!!!  This includes a consultation (phone, skype, e-mail, etc) and a visual board consisting of 10 items recommended specifically for you, based on your expressed needs. Includes tips on how to buy the items and where to look for them.

What's even better???  You have SIX different ways to enter!

How to enter: 
Comment on this post for each entry (make sure to leave your e-mail address if you do not have a blog profile).

1) Become a Follower of It's Becker Style via google connect

3) Follow The Common Sense Mama via google connect
(right side of the page under the live feed)

6) Share this giveaway (facebook, twitter, blog, etc.)  Just use the link!

This Giveaway ends on Sunday November 20th @ noon!  The winner will be announced on Monday!

Good luck and Have Fun!


  1. Hi Jeanne - I'd LOVE to have Lauren's help after I've lost the rest of my 55 lbs (30 to go!). But wanted to tell you again how great you look! -Derry

  2. You look amazing, Jeanne! You did it! So proud of you. Love the new blog. :)

  3. I've said it once and I'll say it again - so, so, so proud of you! You look amazing! I became a follower of Its Becker Style. I need all the help I can get! But um, if I win it would have to be a maternity style board; unless I can wait until after May 2012 and then who knows how long it will take me to lose the weight from baby #2!! :) Miss you.

  4. Woohoo! You look GREAT! Love, Mom

  5. WHOOP!! You are AMAZING! Wait till your hubby sees you!

  6. Hi Jeanne! Somehow my previous post disappeared, BUT, I'd love to see what Lauren would do for my look! I'm following both of your blogs and have liked you on FB. (I've also checked out Lauren's boards on Pinterest & noticed your board on there. I'm guessing that's how she sends you your looks? Tres chic.) Congrats again on this amazing accomplishment!

  7. Well, even though I have never done twitter or followed blogs...I am doing it! I want to have an outfit/style that screams WOW!!!!!You know I need it!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  8. That unknown comment I just made is Marisa. It is a work in progress...I have never done anything like this before.=)

  9. O.K. I am following Lauren's Blog, your Blog, Lauren's twitter, your twitter, and I posted (shared) this with a comment on Facebook!=)

  10. Hi Jeanne, thanks for putting this together - what a fun giveaway! I'd love to be considered!


  11. Thanks ladies! It feels great to be back to 'normal'!

    Make sure you mention which entries you have done so I can count them individually!

  12. Awesome job Jeanne! I found your blog through Kristi, an old friend from grade school, whom I adore. :)

    I entered the contest by following your blog, following Lauren's (which I coincidentally already did), following you both on Twitter, "like"ing you on Facebook, and tweeting about the contest!

    Thanks for the opportunity (as a newly postpartum mom myself ;) Check out my blog too:


  13. I'm so glad that your family is together safe and sound! Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your friend Lauren's skills with us. I am not enormously tech-savvy, so was only able to "like" you on Facebook, but hopefully that will be enough to put me in the running! I'd love to win, since I just moved to chic London, and will turn 41 years old on Thanksgiving Day. I learned of you from also being a member on the BBC Dec 2010 Birthclub (my first baby!), so you know my sense of style needs some help! :)
    Well, thanks again, and I'm really impressed with the both of you and your ability to be great moms, and also engaged and entrepreneurial! Very inspiring!!

  14. Congratulations on the weight loss, Jeanne! I found your blog through BabyCenter (actually, your post with your homecoming pics :). My hubby is also in the military. He came home from his last deployment in Afghanistan when I was 7 months pregnant. Our son is a December 2010 baby, too. I share your pain with the baby weight loss. But of the 70 pounds I gained (holy moly, right?) I'm veryyyy close to my pre-baby weight! It's hard work, but, like you, I wanted to be the mom I knew I could be.

    I love looking at style boards (usually on Pinterest), but I'm lacking when it comes to my own personal style. You're right, no matter how much pregnancy weight you lose, you never get your old body back. And that's a hard adjustment in terms of how to dress. I'm now following Lauren on Twitter as well as her blog. Even if I don't win the contest, I'm excited for the help through those!

    I'm also now following your blog, twitter, and facebook :) You're a talented writer & we seem to have a lot in common, so I'm excited to read!

    Congrats on being reunited with your hubby. I know how exciting, and different, everything is for you right now. Enjoy every second!

    Charlotte Thompson

  15. Can I just add that I've been a stay-at-home mom for the past going-on-11 months and am starting a part time job next week... and have NOTHING to wear & no inspiration. Just thought you should know *hint hint* :)

  16. Hi Jeanne - I don't think I qualify to win, but hey, what the heck. I need all the help I can get. :)

    - I follow you.
    - I follow It's Becker Style.
    - I follow Becker Style (twitter).
    - I like Common Sense Mama (facebook).
    - I follow Common Sense Mama (twitter).

    Keep the pictures coming!! :)


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