Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm A 'Can-Do' Grill...I mean Girl!

So, I have been wanting to get my husband a new grill for A LONG TIME! 
I bought the one he has for $75.00 as a 'Welcome Home from Deployment' gift about 5 years ago.  He loved it!  In those 5 years, it has gone from being a pretty good grill to, well, catching on fire every time you turn it on!
Old Grill:
Well, since my husband is out of town, I wanted to surprise him with a new one when he got home!  So, I've been doing my research on grills.  I've looked high and low trying to find the best one for the amount of money I wanted to spend (no more than $350).  I found a few that I was interested in but for some reason my gut kept telling me to hold I did.
Well, the other night, I made up my mind that I was just going to go on and buy one and be DONE.  I hopped on, typed in 'Gas Grill' and was shocked when I saw a $500 grill that I had previously looked at, envied, and moved on marked down to...
....are you ready???
Can you believe that???  Needless to say, I bought that baby so fast that I could barely type in the numbers from my debit card.  As soon as I pressed 'complete order', I put my kids in the car and flew up to the store hoping that I'd get there, pick up the grill, and leave before they realized that something had gone wrong.
Well, I picked it up.  The guy who put it in my car told me that he wasn't sure what happened but it was still clearly listed for $499.99 inside the store.  And off I drove.
(Making sure not to look in my mirrors just in case someone was running behind me trying to stop me.)
Well, on Saturday morning, still on a complete high from my 'steal', I excitedly opened the back of my van.  Wow, thats a big box!  Mini C was sleeping and the other two were playing nicely so I decided to shimmy it out of the van and get to putting it together.
Surely it would only take an hour or two to put together!

I opened the box and took everything out.  And it just kept coming and coming and coming.  At this point, I got a little worried.
Do you like my shadow?
I decided to just jump right in, hope for the best, but know that I could always throw it all back in the box and wait for P if it was necessary.
So, off I went with my pink handled screw driver.  Step 1.  Step 2.  Step 3....Step 27.  Four hours.

I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of myself.  I'm not sure why, because it wasn't hard.  I think its just the idea that I can do whatever I want to do.  I am not limited to my day-to-day.  It just really got me thinking about other things that I've been wanting to try and I that I should just TRY. 

My kids are always watching me.  They see most things that I do.  If I constantly play in my comfort zone, they will also remain in their comfort zone.  This little example just reminded me of how important it is to constantly push my limits and show my kids how fun it is to accomplish something new and unusual. 

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  1. Love this post. You're so right about the kids always watching. Their moms and dads are their only (and most important) role models when they're young. We set their bar!


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