Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Soaking It All In...

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is carrying out our different family traditions.  There are things that both P and I have brought to our family that make our Christmas Season awesome. 

This year, we made a consistent effort to put the emphasis on Jesus instead of Santa.  I can officially say that for probably the first time in my LIFE, I was successful at focusing equally, if not more, on the reason for the season instead of Santa/presents/food/etc.  I found it so much easier to do that this year because I was so conscious of my kids understanding WHY we were celebrating.  I didn't want them to scream out 'SANTA COMES' when someone asked them about Christmas, I wanted 'JESUS' BIRTHDAY' to be the first thing to came to mind.

We had a lot of fun making it a super fun weekend and they really did understand.  I realized that they understood when, on Christmas morning, while running downstairs, before going to see their presents, P brought them straight to see the Nativity.  I knew they'd be chomping at the bit to look at the tree but they weren't!  I was shocked.  They were so enthralled with the fact that baby Jesus was laying in the manger and my shy son sang 'Happy Birthday' louder than I've EVER heard him sing!  Definitely a proud mama moment!

All of these moments really got me thinking about how simple it is to teach our little ones.  They are like little sponges WAITING to soak up what we have to offer.  Oftentimes, we overlook this amazing opportunity to form our kids because we're busy or tired or just don't want to have to put forth the effort.  But the fact of the matter is that if we don't teach them, society will.  If we don't value the true meaning behind the Holidays or praying throughout the day, how will they EVER learn to value it?  These are things that will not just suddenly click one day...they have to be taught. 

As deep as it sounds, we are forming the future.  We are laying the groundwork for our world in 20 years.  I want to put forth adults who understand that there is a deeper value to life and things.  I want to raise little adults that understand what it means to be generous.  I want my children to be grownups who seek personal responsibility over comfort because they know that it is right.  All of these things, they have to be taught.  They are watching us.  Are we living those qualities that we want them to attain? 

Being a parent is rarely comfortable.  It means constantly giving of yourself, realizing that usually your children's behavior generally reflects directly on your decisions, and stepping up to the plate to follow through on those examples for them. 

So, now that I have veered so off course of my original objective for this post, I will wrap it up by saying that this Christmas has been an awesome one.  We enjoyed each other, celebrated the birth of a King, and it kicked my rear end in gear to do what I am called to do as a mother and form my children into loving, responsible, and generous adults.

They are like sponges, what am I going to give them to soak up?

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