Thursday, December 1, 2011


 It happens EVERY TIME.  Somehow these children of mine grow up!

This morning, I looked at my clock and the date said December 1st.


That means that my teeny, tiny just came home from the hospital newborn...SHE'S ABOUT TO TURN ONE!!!

Mini C's birthday is on December 14th.  A mere 14 days from today!  I am it complete and utter disbelief that it has already been a year!

Is it just me or does everybody experience this same level of disbelief?  It really does feel like its only been a few months but then again, the 6.5 months of deployment feel like they never happened so maybe that's it.
Mini-C is quite the little girl.  Despite her start at 8lbs 6oz (6 days early), she is my smallest child.  She actually had to GROW into her three month clothing instead of coming home in them.  At 12 months, she's just now getting into 18 month clothing.  I love it.  With the other two, we were doubling (if not more) their age in clothing sizes so this has been fun to have a smaller baby.
One thing is for sure...she's got attitude!  For the few days after P arrived home, she was throwing tantrums.  Now, when I saw tantrums, imagine a baby completely intentionally getting down onto the floor, rolling onto her back, kicking her feet, and beginning to cry after the rest was set up.  If she is ready to get up and you try to lay her back down with her pacifier, she will throw it at you...AT YOU!  When the playroom is a disaster, it is not because of my 2 and 3 year old (they know how to clean up), it's because this little one has gone in there and pulled all of the baskets off the shelves.  Awesome, right? 

I definitely foresee some interesting times ahead between the 'spunk' she and her sister have.  Oh, their poor big brother will be terrorized.

It has been so much fun watching Mini-C and P get to know each other again.  She is finally crawling to him to be picked up and she flirts with him all day long.  It is so cute. 

It amazes me that with every child, we experience a new love that we have never had before.  Each of them brings something unique and special to our family.  Watching my three kids play now makes me so excited to see what's to come.  I can only imagine the adventures they will go on and the memories they will make.

In the mean time, I am going to try and soak up every day.  As we can see, somehow a year has already flown by and I feel like it has slipped through my fingers.  Not to mention, for the next two weeks I can still say that I have two toddlers and a baby...three toddlers just sounds intimidating.  Wow, THREE toddlers.

Happy Birthday Month My Sweet Girl!


  1. Aww Mini C is exactly 1 week older than my little man (Liam)! He is my first, and I am literally in shock as to how quickly this past year has gone by. And I'm dreading the thought that time might continue to go by even faster.

    Ahhhhh! Anyway, happy almost birthday, Mini C! From me and Liam :)

  2. Are you re-using the "Baby's First Christmas" stocking too? I feel slightly bad- but we're calling last Christmas a mulligan since she was only 5 days old. The little snot didn't wanna come out, so she was a week and a day late (my EDD was 12/11/10). By the time Christmas got here she was snoozing in the chair in our living room while we opened our prezzies. Being a first time mom I was too scared, intimidated, and overwhelmed to change her into anything cute or even attempt to secure a family memory. Our first Christmas photo was eventually taken in February right before I finally took down our tree.

  3. Three toddlers...wowza! And here I am, nervous some days to have a toddler and a newborn!


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