Sunday, August 11, 2013

Conversations To Remember

This was written back in March of 2012.  So funny!

My sweet boy is one of the sweetest, most serious, and thoughtful four year olds I know.  Yes, he can have his meltdowns and boy does he have a temper, but 90% of the time, he is sweet beyond his years. 

Lately, I have noticed that he has been taking the topic of Jesus very seriously.  When we tell him about Jesus, the sacraments, or the real meaning to a holiday, the boy pays attention...and remembers EVERYTHING!

This morning this is the conversation that ensued:

Paul: Sis, we DO want to die!
Catherine: No we don't!
Paul: Yes, sis, because when we die, we get to see Jesus!
Me: Yes, that's right.  But, while we are alive, we want to love and serve Jesus here! 
Paul: Oh.  I don't want to die on a cross.  It takes a long time.
Me: Well, that's how Jesus died, right?  Do you remember why he did?
Paul: He died because he loves us and then he was wrapped in a sheet and put in a rock and then came back to show his friends that he was alive. 
Me: Do you know what happened after that?
Paul: He went to heaven to wait for us!
Me: That's right, buddy.  That's very good!
Paul: Mom, but there were 3 crosses.  I don't want to go on a cross.
Me: Yes, the other two men were not nice men.
Paul: Why were they bad?
Me: Well, you know how every day you get to choose whether you listen to mommy or have a good attitude?
Paul: Yes.
Me: Well, those men chose to take things from other people.
Paul: Oh.  But Jesus was on the cross because he loves us and wants us to go to heaven with him.
Me: Right.
Catherine: Mommy, so is Jesus like Spiderman???  He wants to protect me.
Me: Kind of, Catherine.  He does want to protect you.


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